A teamwork platform to help your teams deliver outcomes that matter

Track and store objectives, insights and customer needs

Match team work to objectives and needs to increase team impact

Collaborate with other teams and external organisations in shared workspaces

Help your teams have impact

Focust lets you track and store the needs, insights and objectives of your organisation and your customers.

Your teams can then relate the work they are doing to those objectives and needs. This helps them do work that matters.

We believe impactful teams are focussed on what their customers need. That's why we built Focust. That's why we called it Focust.

Shared workspaces help teams develop solutions together

Workspaces let you see all the current work across teams at a glance.

Teams that want to collaborate on shared goals can work in the same 'workspace' in focust. 

Separate organisations can share workspaces, so you can plan, share resources and deliver products together.

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